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    Pre-Employment Agreement

    All job applicants at Live Oak Environmental, LLC. will undergo screening for the presence of illegal or non-prescribed medication as a condition of employment.

    Applicants will be required to submit to a urinalysis test at a laboratory chosen by the company. By signing the pre-employment agreement, the job applicant consents to the urinalysis and therefore releases the company of any liability. The job applicant will pay for the pre-employment drug screen and upon negative results will be reimbursed by Live Oak Environmental, LLC. Any applicant with positive test results will be denied employment at that time.

    The company will not discriminate against applicants for employment because of past drug or alcohol abuse. It is the current abuse of drugs, alcohol, or non-prescribed medication that the company will not tolerate.

    I agree to submit to a urinalysis (drug screen) as part of my application for employment. I understand that either refusal to submit to the urinalysis screen or failure to qualify according to the minimum standards established by the company for this screen might disqualify me from further consideration for employment.

    I further understand that upon commencement of employment with the company, I may again be required to submit to a random or reasonable suspicion urinalysis screen. I understand that refusal to take a requested urinalysis screen or failure to meet the minimum standards set for the screen may result in immediate suspension or termination.

    In the event that employment commences prior to the employer receiving the drug test results, I understand that I will be immediately discharged if the result comes back positive.

    I understand that in case of an accident while driving a company vehicle I will immediately be tested also.

    I acknowledge that as a condition of pre-employment I am required to pay for the initial urinalysis.
    Upon the result of a negative drug screen I will be reimbursed by Live Oak Environmental, LLC. on the second full paycheck I receive. I must provide a receipt of payment from DATCS in order or be reimbursed accordingly. In the event of a positive drug screen, I will be denied employment.

    *I have read in full and understand the above statements and conditions of employment.

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    Applicant's Statement

    Notification and Agreement

    I authorize you to make such investigations and inquiries of my personal, employment, financial or medical history and other related matters as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. (Generally, inquiries regarding medical history will be made only if and after a conditional offer of employment has been extended). I hereby release employers, schools, health care providers and other persons from all liability in responding to inquiries and releasing information in connection with my application.

    In the event of employment, I understand that false or misleading information given in my application or interview(s) may result in discharge. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of Live Oak Environmental, LLC

    *This certifies that this application was completed by me, and that all entries on it and information in it are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.